Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Was a Teenage Pieman

I Was a Teenage Pieman

Works by:

Aaron Wrinkle & Laura Kim
Brica Wilcox & Amy von Harrington
Gala Porras-Kim
Peter Holzhauer
Liz Glynn
Megan Cotts & Meghann McCrory
Lisa Ohlweiler

Jared David Paul
Miggie Wong
Matthew Siegle

Philip Haut & Emily Kuntz

Performances by:
Travis Diehl
Steve Kado
Ani Raya-Flores
Jesse Rhelms

Interactive Piece by Megan Cotts & Meghann McCrory

Be in your very own pie! 
Through the ages, the pie has been a vehicle for storing, preserving, stretching and blending local ingredients as well as a space for food-oriented performance, spectacle and wonder.  These cases have held everything from meats, fruits and spices to live birds, child dwarves and tortoises.  This Saturday, we will be baking in our local flavors, found and received.  Come help roll, fill, bake and obviously taste these filled pastries and bring your own offerings to bake in.
Megan Cotts and Meghann McCrory will be baking pies from 6 pm to 10 pm in the 2939 Johnson St. kitchen.  We will be making the pie shells and are asking visitors to bring something from their travels to bake in.  Offerings can be anything from that-apple-you-know you’re-never-going-to-eat-and-will-just-sit-on-your-counter-until-it-goes-bad, a freshly picked persimmon from one of the many trees producing free fruit in LA (see or any small treat or surprise for the next traveler to experience when they cut into a freshly baked pie. 

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